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Founded in 2020, we are a proudly Indigenous led and owned business led by Wiradjuri man Dr Mark McMillan.

Our name

The phrase Bundyi Girri is Wiradjuri language.


What can be shared?



Brought together, we can understand Bundyi Girri as

What is our shared future?

Our Journey

All the way from Wiradjuri Country to the Kulin Nations.

Early in the Bundyi Girri story, Wiradjuri Elders travelled from Wiradjuri Country to Kulin and engaged in cultural protocols with Kulin Elders. This is an example of the conduct of Indigenous sovereignties that have been occurring on these lands since time immemorial.

Bundyi Girri since has grown to include proud First Nations peoples from all over the land we call Australia, including Kabi Kabi, and has conducted work on many Countries and Nations.


Now, Bundyi Girri invites you to join us in our story, so that we might join you in your organisation’s.

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Our origins

Prior to setting out on our own journey, Bundyi Girri was first a highly successful internal training program at RMIT University. The program provided tools, frameworks and guidance for non-Indigenous staff and students to be active in Reconciliation. At RMIT, the academic foundations of the program were developed by Dr Peter West and Prof Mark McMillan, building off decades of academic and sector-leading research.

Bundyi Girri was then expanded into a program for external organisations. A 6-month pilot program with six Australian businesses, including the City of Melbourne and Airmaster, proved the effectiveness and demand for what we offered, and soon further partners joined our world-leading work.

Finally, in 2020, Bundyi Girri set out on its own, becoming Bundyi Girri Consulting. Today, our leadership team and the majority of our staff are proud First Nations peoples, including our Managing Director, Wiradjuri man Dr Mark McMillan.

Meet Our Team


Dr Mark McMillan

Citizen of the Wiradjuri Nation

Managing Director


Dr Jane Havelka

Citizen of the Wiradjuri Nation


Contact us today to find out how Bundyi Girri can support your organisation's Reconciliation goals.

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