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Our programs are designed and delivered by an expert panel of academics and industry practitioners to enhance organisational maturity and drive people-focused change.

We deliver all our services in partnership with you, and tailor them specifically for your organisation and Reconciliation context. If your organisation needs something custom-designed, or that’s not listed below, contact us.

Looking for individual-focused services?

Check out our self-paced Online Learning offerings here.

Acknowledgement of Country Development Workshops

Move from statements and intentions into active engagement by exploring what an Acknowledgement of Country is.

In this workshop, we explore what exactly an Acknowledgement of Country is, why it is observed, and you will write and design your own. You’ll also learn is offered in a Welcome to Country, how it relates to Acknowledgement.


In doing so, you’ll learn how important it is to actively engage with First Nations sovereignty and examine the challenges of learning and applying these new ideas.

Benefits for you and your organisation
  • ​Understand what an Acknowledgement of Country is and how this relates to you and your organisation

  • Exploring the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples through the lens of ‘sovereignty never ceded’​

  • Sharpen your focus on your role and responsibility in the context of sovereign relationship with First peoples

  • Engage in active and culturally-safe engagement with First Nations peoples sovereignty

Not sure where to start?

An Acknowledgement of Country Development Workshop is a great starting point for taking the first step in your Reconciliation journey with Bundyi Girri.


To find out more, contact us.

Governance and Executive Leadership Training

Develop your leadership team’s Reconciliation skills to embed meaningful practices at the top of your organisation.

Through online learning and facilitated workshops, we explore how mindset shifts in Reconciliation practices and sovereign relationship thinking can complement your organisation’s obligations.


You’ll gain a fundamental understanding of the ‘sovereign relationships’ between First Nations Peoples and non-Indigenous people, and of well as your personal governance obligations in Reconciliation as an executive or board member.

Benefits for you and your organisation
  • Individually and collectively improve knowledge, confidence and skills in Reconciliation and sovereign relationships

  • Learn how to embed those skills and practices into the organisational structure and culture

  • Meaningfully and skilfully work in partnership with First Nations Peoples at a governance and leadership level

  • Refine a clear direction that aligns with your organisation’s strategy

The [Bundyi Girri] approach reflected collaborative principles that allowed the CMA to really take ownership for our own cultural competency journey and embed these values within our organisation.

Katie Warner, Chief Executive Officer
North East Catchment Management Authority

Organisational Development and Strategy 

Embed people-focused and culturally-safe organisational change.

We help you to assess your organisation’s unique current Reconciliation plans, practices, processes and principles. Together, we identify structural, cultural or governance barriers, and co-develop training and development strategies to address these.

We use our research-backed Organisational Maturity evaluation Frameworks to measure your organisation’s progress towards your long-term transformation.

Benefits for you and your organisation
  • Learn strategies and tools that enable you to plan, design and execute meaningful whole-of-organisation change

  • Measure your organisation’s progress and maturity in the sovereign relationship using research-backed frameworks

Operational Leadership in Relation Workshops

What are your Reconciliation responsibilities as a people leader and change maker in your organisation?

In this workshop series, we explore how you, your role and your organisation exist in relation to First Nations Sovereignty. We cover practical skills and concepts that are fundamental in building mature and culturally-safe relationships and ways of working. 

We meet you where you are. Together, we will demystify important Reconciliation concepts such as sovereignty, and help you to develop confidence in your individual sovereign relationships with First Nations peoples.

Benefits for you and your organisation
  • Develop and lead everyday Reconciliation and sovereign relationship practices, specific to your leadership roles

  • Reset systems and processes to support strategic organisational change in alignment with peak Aboriginal and Government policies and bodies

  • Feel secure in your role in the sovereign relationship – and the opportunities that it presents your organisation.  

  • Understand perspectives and experiences of Reconciliation in the contemporary workplace

Workshops and Online Learning

Engage every level of your organisation with our world-leading, research-based training workshops and online learning courses.

Our online learning and teaching offerings are customised for your organisation, and feature a variety of engaging multimedia, written activities, and research-backed written content.

Benefits for you and your organisation
  • Guide your organisation’s leadership to embed Reconciliation skills and processes into the organisational structure

  • Support employees to develop the Reconciliation skills required for culturally sensitive and safe decision-making

  • Deeply embed the commitment to Cultural Competency


Our online micro-credentials build competency required to build strong foundations for meaningful and lasting behavioural change and organisational transformation. Each is a short, targeted 30 to 60 minutes of learning for staff on topics such as:

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Custom services

Something about looking for more or something else? Contact us and we can tailor our services to your organistaional context and needs

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