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Online Learning

Our self-paced online learning products meet you where you are and support you in your Reconciliation journey.

Whether you're a large organisation, small business, or an individual, our innovative micro-credentials are for you. They are custom-designed to be an accessible and engaging way to mature your understanding and feel more confident in your Reconciliation journey and relationship. 

Each course features a variety of engaging multimedia, written activities, and draws both on decades of academic research and authentic First Nations knowledges and practices.

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Our micro-credentials

Leading Public Reconciliation Discussions around Invasion Day/Australia Day

This micro-credential supports local governments in navigating and leading public Reconciliation discussions, particularly about Invasion Day / Australia Day. It unpacks Australia Day, exploring your opportunities, barriers and obligations.

Reconciliation Language and Terminology

Unpack language and terms commonly used in the Reconciliation space. This helps to build a shared level of knowledge amongst staff and enables a more nuanced organisational approach to Reconciliation goals.

Understanding Health and The Institution

A micro-credential targeted towards health workers that empowers them to nuance and advance their practice in relation to their developing sovereign relationship.

Preparing for Bundyi Girri

Start your Bundyi Girri journey as we invite you into this innovative and exciting work. Together, we will explore the themes of Bundyi Girri in order to lay the groundwork for your future learning and practice.

Leading and Governing in Relation

Strengthen your skills in examining and challenging systems and processes, in order to mature how you engage with and govern in relationship with First Nations peoples and sovereignty.


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