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Our clients come from a variety of sectors, each with their own Reconciliation maturities and contexts

Our Project Partners

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Occupational Therapy Australia

Since 2019, we have been working with Occupational Therapy Australia (OTA) to develop an organisation wide approach to building cultural competency.


Our highly collaborative and tailored approach has included: 

  • Supporting OTA to identify and agree on a vision to underpin the work

  • Undertaking a diagnostic progress, in which we identified any issues (challenges) and subsequent actions (opportunities) that needed to occur to realise that vision 

  • Delivering tailored training sessions and facilitated workshops for Board members and senior leaders 

  • Developing a plan to guide OTA through organisational transformation, and to establish the broad infrastructure for continuous improvement, including identifying how outcomes and impact will be measured, monitored and evaluated throughout implementation. 

Bundyi Girri have engaged in programs with our staff and embarked on deep conversation with our Board and Executive.

Our ongoing relationship with the Bundyi Girri team is fundamental to the significant shift in understanding of and, progress toward sovereign relations that we have made over the past years. 

The team are frank, fearless and fun in what is sometimes a difficult space to navigate. Working with them is not a tick box exercise! 


— Samantha Hunter

Chief Executive Officer


North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network

NWMPHN commissioned Bundyi Girri Consultants in 2022 to deliver a Cultural Safety framework and tool to support delivery of its Reconciliation Action Plan commitments as well as a broader organisational commitment towards cultural safety.

Bundyi Girri Consulting has been an integral part of further developing our commitment to cultural safety. They have worked inclusively and collaboratively to deliver practical tools and build capability, enabling us to better understand the importance of sovereign relationships and to embed culturally safe principles in our work

— Jagjit Dhaliwal 

Executive Director, Service Development and Reform 


North East Catchment Management Authority

Bundyi Girri Consulting worked alongside the North East Catchment Management Authority (CMA) to develop its first Cultural Competency Framework.

This framework outlines the key principles for supporting the organisation to function effectively in a cross-cultural environment and helps to identify pathways for developing the cultural competency of its staff and of the organisation as a whole.  

The Bundyi Girri team demonstrated a deep knowledge of cultural competency and supported the CMA to articulate our own vision for achieving cultural competency. Their approach reflected collaborative principles that allowed the CMA to really take ownership for our own cultural competency journey and embed these values within our organisation.

— Katie Warner
Chief Executive Officer 


Leadership Victoria

Bundyi Girri Consulting worked with Leadership Victoria to deliver our Acknowledgement of Country Development workshop to over 60 Victorian organisational leaders.

Participants took their first steps into relationship with Indigenous sovereignty by writing their own Acknowledgement of Country. In doing so, they began to move away from statements and intentions, into active engagement with Indigenous sovereignty, and to explore what that shift meant for their personal and professional responsibilities in Reconciliation and in sovereign relationships with First Peoples.

Bundyi Girri was engaged as part of our Williamson Community Leadership Program to help participants deepen their understanding of sovereign relations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and thus what it means to craft an Acknowledgement of Country that is profound, not perfunctory. The Bundyi Girri team are generous with their wisdom and leadership, engaging as facilitators and educators, and inspiring as people!.

— Scott Ko
Acting Chief Executive Officer 


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