Achieve your organisation’s Reconciliation goals with our world-leading Reconciliation skills training for non-Indigenous staff — and signal your commitment in your brand.


Bundyi Girri is Wiradjuri language. It describes practices of meeting and discussing, and asks: 
what can be shared?  

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What is Bundyi Girri?

A proudly Indigenous‑led and owned business, Bundyi Girri is an invitation for non-Indigenous people to develop the skills to actively engage in Reconciliation.

Together, we meet, yarn, and collaborate. We tailor our programs for your unique organisational context and goals. We embed Reconciliation into your business metrics. We help you to see brand values as a beacon of your Reconciliation leadership.

We move Reconciliation from being a ‘nice to have’ to being ‘business as usual’, and prepare you for the future of work.

Bundyi Girri invites you to…

Co-design your Reconciliation journey

Co-designing is an opportunity to collaborate and guide you into an understanding of Indigenous sovereignty as an innovative approach to place, country and story-telling.

Together, we co-create a world-leading approach to Reconciliation at your organisation.

Actively learn online

Our micro-credentials speak directly to you and your everyday work activities, which ultimately expands the possibilities for how you authentically demonstrate your relationship to First Peoples.

Signal the future of work 
through your brand

Successful brands must attract and retain leading talent through actively demonstrating their values, such as a meaningful commitment to Reconciliation.


Bundyi Girri offers your organisation the opportunity to become a Reconciliation leader in your sector. 

Build lasting and
meaningful change

Move beyond short-term targets and plans, and ensure all staff are championing change through their personal Reconciliation journeys.


We help you to push for greater outcomes and impact within your organisation, with your stakeholders and within your community.


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Our Team

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Dr Faye McMillan AM

Citizen of the Wiradjuri Nation

Chair of Bundyi Girri Consulting

Lead Facilitator


Alex Splitt

Citizen of the Kabi Kabi Nation
Managing Director
Lead Facilitator


Dr Mark McMillan

Citizen of the Wiradjuri Nation
Partner – Sovereign Relationships
Lead Facilitator


Dr Peter West

Partner – Education and Learning Design
Lead Facilitator


Damien Connell

Partner – Business and Systems Development



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